Motivate Yourself to Move

You don’t have to love you body or hate your body to motivate yourself to move. You just have to start.

Consistently move

It’s in the perseverance of your consistency that you’ll begin to see the benefits of your workout. The imperfections that used to torment you will subside because you’ve gained more energy, more confidence, and more joy about what you can do with the body you have! Just start.

Don’t let set backs defeat your progress

There are set back seasons, of course, like sickness, injury or career change for example. This is simply life. Where routine gets changed and certain circumstances are just out of your control. However, there always comes a time where you can re-start again. Those time are the hardest for me. Sometimes I am so frustrated with how far behind I am in comparison to where I once was in my fitness. Comparison with others or “your old self” will always defeat you. Instead, I choose to let it motivate me – again and again. Yes, Emily, you’ve been here before and you can do it again!

Zero KM to 10 KM

I ran my first 10km when my daughter was 9 months old. When I started my training, I could barely run without feeling my stomach jump along with me. I thought my stomach was training for it’s own 10km rather than my legs! But, I chose to see the end goal. 10Km in 9 months, which means one step at a time. I slowly worked my way up until I ran a successful 10km under 60min. Now, where I am TODAY, I can barely run a consistent 5KM without my knees buckling. So, again, I face a choice. Will I let where I am defeat me or motivate me?

Move to motivation

I choose to let it motivate me.

Having goals is great as long as you understand that perfection is impossible. Instead, let’s celebrate the progress along the way! Allow where you’re at in comparison to where you’ve been motivate you to move not defeat you.

Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.

3 John 1:2

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there who sacrifice their time, their schedules, their bodies, their mind and heart to the little (or older) ones they serve. Your behind the scene efforts make the production of your family run smooth and its a beautiful sight to see. Although you don’t get much of the credit, today is a day devoted to acknowledging that amazing effort!

A mom may not be the one on stage, but she’s definitely running the show backstage. She’s the back stage manager, the costume designer, the make-up artist, the script writer, the marketing specialist and production crew… yes the whole crew. Yes, that’s motherhood – all the behind the scene work so their family, their children, can shine on stage! Today, we welcome you on stage and applaud you for your continuous effort of servant hood and sacrifice. Although some days (most days) you feel like all you can do is survive, its still enough to make your children thrive. Each bit of love you give makes a difference.

We love and appreciate all you do. Thank-you for being YOU!