News Feed War

     The belief of the majority is that science and religion are at war.  I would say this is partly correct, but in reality, incorrect. In your news feed today, more frequently than not, there is this science vs. Religion argument. This argument is typically conveyed by a funny picture with a tag line that would seem irrefutable. As Christians, are we to take sides in this “war” or rather discover for ourselves the truth.
     People are always searching for truths. Some people who do not believe in God use science as a means to refute the claims of the Bible. Science can be a tool people use in order to contradict and debate religion itself. It enraged religious radicals into taking an anti-science stance.
     I think the primary reason for this “war” has mostly been due to the small percentage of these religious radicals.  For example, those who teach on false or fabricated scientific evidence are mistranslating their own Bible thus creating their own theology based on winning an argument instead of finding the real God ordained truth. The religious radical defeats themselves, by not using common logic, where their scientific counterpart uses a system that easily discredits claims based on false teaching.
     This constant battle between the two parties creates a realm of ridiculousness and chaos.  The matter of fact is, ridiculousness gets published. It creates buzz and fodder for large people groups who are more than eager to jump all over blatant unscientific claims. These stories travel, just like a celebrity blunders. Waiting on the other end of the line are people that crave these confirmations of facts and truths to which science has supplied. It feels good to have your own beliefs confirmed.
     My thoughts are, science and Religion are in fact not at war. More often, as science progresses, it also progresses our understanding of a creator or the theory that a creator is a reasonable argument. The studies concerning the beginning of the universe point more and more to intelligent design. It is not just the questions of the universe, but even that which concerns our human make up, our DNA. Even Richard Dawkins, a renown atheist said that, “The machine code of the genes is uncannily computer-like. Apart from differences in jargon, the pages of a molecular biology journal might be interchanged with those of a computer engineering journal.” The case for intelligent design is building day by day, and I think with future findings due to science we will also find ourselves without a case at all.

     In a world where we are given the option of either science or God, we need not decide at all for we have both science, and God.

For a better glimpse into the support of science and religion, I recommend the book The Case For A Creator by Lee Strobel.