Universal Ambience

     The existence of God is a topic of mystery for many people today. For myself, I was brought up believing that this was not a mystery. However, as I got older, this mystery raised questions for me and I realized in order for my faith to be alive I must find it’s meaning through the questions I ask.
     We all need to solve this worldly mystery for ourselves, or at least attempt to ask ourselves the hard questions. So, to further understand my own belief in God, in relation to my upbringing, I interviewed my brothers, Arlin and Dave with the question of, “why do you believe in God”.
     The responses my brothers gave me were both similar. Arlin said, “ I believe in God because of my beautiful experience of how real he has been to me, through his creation, through my hardships and through other people’s hardships as well.” Dave in similar fashion responded by saying, “I have had too many experiences in my life to know that there is a higher power. I can feel the holy spirit move within myself, and others.”
     They both spoke with a common theme of revelation. Somehow they have realized God’s hand in their life, or the in the lives of others around them. This is a feeling I have as well. John Coe gives a definition of natural revelation in the YouTube video The Psychology of Unbelief. Natural revelation is, “a universal knowledge or awareness of Gods existence. That is a given to their consciousness.” He then describes natural revelation as God being like an ambient background music to life that you do not necessarily realize is there. However, when you take time to listen, you can clearly hear the music in the background, which is in fact God’s hand guiding you in your life. Then it is on you to choose whether to follow His guiding hand or not.
     This background music he talks about, I believe is the guiding of the Holy Spirit in my life. Where it gets most observed is when I tune into my questions about God’s existence. These times are usually not in my happiest of days. However, whatever gets you to think about God will become the beginning of realizing his existence. The war lies between the choice of listening to the music of His voice or the constant noises of this world. Happy or sad, feelings led to discovering God will always end with positive purpose. For this reason, it is no surprise that my passion lies within his creation; a love for the outdoors creates a peaceful atmosphere for me to hear God speak.
     There are endless amounts of questions to ask when referring to the mystery of the existence of God. My hope then, is to not answer this question for you, but to share one clue of how God can be currently, already present in your life. Just take a moment and tune in to the right sound…

Get to da meaning!!

      In North American society we hold the rich and famous above everyone as a model for success and goals in our lives. Do these rich and famous people really know the meaning of life, or are they searching from one personal success and blunder to the next?
      It only takes one Google search to discover a vast amount of confusion concerning the meaning of life. Many hold the more negative point of view, which is that life is a struggle, so live for the moment. Kanye West has said, “the point of life is getting shit done and being happy”. You will quickly see most all the quotes you find are vague roundabout ways to describe our inability to truly define the meaning of life. This should be concerning to everyone.
      It is no surprise then, that North American society sees the meaning of life as an internal meaning. That is to say that the only meaning you can gain is the meaning you make for yourself. This is to assume that meaning gained, hasn’t already been given to us since the beginning. This assumption is seemingly the prevailing thought.
      The quote in the featured image from Arnold Schwarzenegger seems accurate. Though you should probably ask yourself, achieve and conquer to what end? What is the meaning in that? Sure, it may be a process to go about life, but it still does not solve the problem of meaning whatsoever. It is scary to assume that people we deem successful know more about the meaning of life than us. However, the matter of fact is that we are still searching for the same thing everyone else is.
      We are born with a natural hunger to be like someone, something, or fit into a certain mold, because we think that meaning is found in what we do. However, for me, it seems logical to look at who made the mold in the first place, as I think the meaning is found in the why before the what was created.

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